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Experts Group is the holding firm of several family-owned operating companies with long-standing experience that provide specialized services of the highest quality in various fields; Experts Group and its companies are managed by technical teams of professionals with proven track records in these fields;

  • Inspections
  • Risk, Insurance and Claim Management
  • Classification & Verification
  • Management Systems Consulting
  • Maritime Operations
  • Design Evaluation & Development
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • Testing & Analysis
  • Research & Training
  • Software Solutions


Experts Group with 40 years of experience is the first and oldest company in its field of services in Iran coupled with the vast geographic coverage, which ensures that the Group can fulfill all of your inspection needs, anywhere you need them performed.
At Experts Group, we provide solutions to your complex problems and help you meet industry requirements with a single group of organizations with unparalleled experience and expertise.
We strive to deliver outstanding value. At every step in your project, we are committed to add value to your work by providing rapid turnaround time, value-based pricing, technical assistance, key account management and accurate timely reporting.
When working with Experts Group, you can rest assured that you not only are working with the most qualified technical experts; you are also guaranteed an exceptional customer experience.
We can help improve your product’s quality and your brand image. In long term partnerships our input will increase your return on your Investment (ROI).
We are here to help, and that is the attitude that we continue to carry when working with our clients.

Experts Group Holding is a multidisciplinary company whose main activities of its subsidiary companies are quality inspection and certification. With nearly more than four decades of experience, the group aims to reassure industrial and commercial activities.
These subsidiary companies, with high performance rankings from relative organizations, are amongst the oldest in their respective industry and are mainly active in different national and international industries in the following areas:
Reliable services in all the above-mentioned areas are offered through industry professionals and experience managers of Experts Group which seriously believes that it could be considered a reliable and trustworthy partner for all of its customers.
This reliability comes from a vast source of experience and stepping along the respective knowledge.

Experts Group has gathered a group of professional companies with valuable experience in order to improve managerial, technical and safety structures of organizations.

After nearly 40 years of experience in providing technical and managerial services, a complete understanding of the business environment together with continuous update of knowledge, this group has become the strongest provider of technical and managerial services throughout the country.

The expansion of the group’s services has led to the establishment of companies in different countries of the world and hence, impressive increase in services` procurement of the group has been obtained. Wide international communications also contribute to the formation of this network, which is undoubtedly unique in the country.


Farzin Entesarian

Mr. Entesarian Website

Mr. Farzin Entesarian was born in Amiriyeh, Tehran on December 1946. At the age of 22, he graduated from Amir Kabir University (formerly Polytechnic) with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and immediately started his industrial activities.

He founded his first company for delivering services on ship and vessels` repair and maintenance. So far, he has established and then developed more than 15 companies and institutes in various professional fields, each is famous in its respected industry.

Mr. Entesarian is the first Iranian expert who was certified by international agencies to carry out marine and cargo inspection. It is worth mentioning that very few Iranians have been able to internationally qualify by top international organizations.

It is an honor for Iranian community to mention that Farzin Entesarian is also the first Iranian to be certified as the lead auditor.

Planning for holding an international quality management conference was one of his concerns regarding quality introduction and development in Iran and so, five rounds of this conference was held with the cooperation of Iran National Standards Organization and Quality Management Society of Iran.