Asia Classification Society

Asia Classification Society

Since: 2005


ACS was established in 2005 supported by 25 years’ experience of its founders, namely, IGS and IBS.

ACS renders services to its customers through 89 qualified employees and experts in different fields including mechanical engineering, naval architecture and other marine related areas. Freelance experts are also hired whenever required.  ACS has 9 branches in the main Iranian ports as well as UAE and Kuwait.

Main Activities

  • Class and statutory survey and certification for all vessels
  • Condition survey
  • Damage survey;
  • Supervision on vessels’ change of application;
  • Service supplier assessment
  • Off-shore operation surveys
  • Inspection and certification of Offshore structures and installations;
  • Cargo and Pre-Shipment Inspections.
  • Lifting and loading-unloading equipment inspections;
  • General inspections and quality/quantity assessment;

Quality management and performance quality assessment services


Cap. Farrokh Hashemi


No.31, 5th  Street., Kargar Shomali Avenue. Tehran – Iran