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Management Consultancy

The emergence of new challenges in the business process is considered a serious threat for many organizations that continue to operate based on old solutions and regulations. On the other hand, flexible structure of those organizations that can adapt themselves to changes will result in to the creation of golden opportunities.

Management consultancy includes activities such as design, training, assessment and auditing which focus on organizational structure, human resources, support and product realization processes, management systems, etc. With emphasis on systematic and process-based approach, this kind of consultancy aims to improve the performance of organizations.

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Education and Training

At Experts Group, our training programs offer you opportunities to acquire valuable knowledge and skills from renowned technical experts and specialists from around the world. Through our wide range of courses, we present new concepts and the knowledge of the day, towards developing systematic, creative and innovative thinking.

With full knowledge and accurate understanding of today’s economy, economic and management researches are offered by Experts Group to improve organizations and eradicate shortcomings.

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Information Technology

Our Information Technology Company is not just another software developing firm.

By packaging assessment, training, and our management system software tools, we provide a solutions toolkit that combines it all in a comprehensive service offering and allows us to provide your organization with an integrated approach to meet your needs and embed excellence across your business.

We present a one-stop value proposition from the decision to improve systems through to registration and continual improvement. From start to finish, our Solutions Package helps turn complexity into simplicity.

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Technical and Engineering

We offer consulting services across the whole of the asset lifecycle. We combine excellent engineering and analytical skills with operational experience of offshore and onshore oil and gas assets. These services include but not limited to the followings;
• Analysis & Engineering consulting
• Field Development Planning
• Materials & Failure Analysis
• Testing Services
• Asset Integrity Management
• Asset Optimization
• Safety and Risk
• Transmission and Distribution Services

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In the present world of competition and rapid development, organizations are compelled to use modern tools and techniques, as well as applied science and technology at all levels of the organization. In such a situation, time limit of managers for taking training courses necessitates that applied training and awareness shall be performed in an effective way.
To this end, proper books and publications could provide managers with the latest professional and practical information on a self-learning basis and at their free times.

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