In the present world of competition and rapid development, organizations are compelled to use modern tools and techniques, as well as applied science and technology at all levels of the organization. In such a situation, time limit of managers for taking training courses necessitates that applied training and awareness shall be performed in an effective way.
To this end, proper books and publications could provide managers with the latest professional and practical information on a self-learning basis and at their free times.


“Quality and Management Magazine”, a quarterly published in Persian, is one of the leading publications in the field of quality and management to address modern scientific content and needs of organizations. Tools, systems and modern managerial approaches together with interesting reports and reviews could be provided to the interested readers and researchers. In addition, the main concept and content of each volume of the magazine is assigned to one of the readers ‘concerns.


Having full confidence in the talents and abilities of the Iranian society, “Quality and Management” publication began to write, translate and publish numerous books on management aiming at introducing national managers and authorities to principles, techniques and skills of management. This publication hopes to contribute to the growth and progress of our country through understanding and application of the related concept.
Hence, simple, attractive and practical books on management in the “Management in One Week” series, along with Juran`s Quality Handbook, Introduction to ISO 9004 and so on have been published.