Technical and Engineering

We offer consulting services across the whole of the asset lifecycle. We combine excellent engineering and analytical skills with operational experience of offshore and onshore oil and gas assets. These services include but not limited to the followings;
• Analysis & Engineering consulting
• Field Development Planning
• Materials & Failure Analysis
• Testing Services
• Asset Integrity Management
• Asset Optimization
• Safety and Risk
• Transmission and Distribution Services


Risk-Based Inspection

In today’s highly competitive market, it has become a priority for continuous operations, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector, to avoid any unplanned shutdowns.

Additionally, worldwide regulatory incentives are also pushing for improved risk management aimed at protecting the environment and citizens from major industrial hazards. Companies must therefore ensure that their equipment is safe, reliable and does not create threats to the surrounding environment.

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a process that identifies, assesses and maps industrial risks (due to corrosion and stress cracking), which can compromise equipment integrity in both pressurized equipment and structural elements.
RBI addresses risks that can be controlled through proper inspections and analysis. During the RBI process, engineers design inspection strategies (what, when, how to inspect) that most efficiently match forecasted or observed degradation mechanisms.

Conformity Assessment

Assurance of the compliance of products with standards and methods and systems required for entering national and international markets are inevitable in today’s world economy. Therefore, various countries and regional organizations such as the EU have written specific standards for compliance assessment and issuance of certificates. These regulations require that management systems, products and testing methods should be regularly audited / inspected and in case of compliance certificates must be issued.

Industrial Inspections

Experts Group companies offer a wide range of third-party inspection services.
Technical inspections include design verification, industrial maps, construction and installation, supervision on technical laboratories, technical inspection and cargo damages. Conducted as large national projects, these inspections are performed by skilled inspectors and according to technical characteristics and standards communicated to the inspector by relevant authorities.
Experts group provides new inspection methods by employing skilled experts of each industry in the following industrial areas:

• Power industry and power distribution
• Oil, Gas and petrochemical
• Steel Industry
• Power plant industry
• Automotive industry
• Cement Industry
• Marine and port Industries

Ship Classification

The classification of ships includes the development/ clarification of construction standards, manner of inspection, design verification and supervision on the construction of all ships, offshore and onshore structures in accordance with IMO or national regulations.

A vessel designed and constructed under the rules and regulations of a classification entity, shall receive that entity`s specific classification certificate. Ships` sailing permit shall be issued in case of the verification of their technical competency which is called classification.

Asia Classification Society is the most experienced Iranian classification company that issue the required licenses for vessels and related industries on behalf of IACS and MOP.

The large number of service providers and appropriate coverage of liability insurance for each one of the inspection services indicate the uniqueness of this company.

Cargo Inspection

One of the most important, facilitating and ensuring factors for international trade is the existence of PSI and DPI certificates. Having the widest network of international inspectors’ worldwide, Experts group ensures business men on receiving agreed quality and quantity of cargos through conformity to the related standards. In addition, irrecoverable losses could be prevented by applying the latest methods of inspection

Advanced Engineering & Consulting

Experts Group, using modern engineering and extensive experience and continuous existence in offshore and onshore industries has become one of the most powerful engineering consulting companies in this field so that some of the offered solutions are unique in Iran and also the middle east.
The following services are offered aiming at appropriate management of assets:

• Management of physical asset
• Safety and risk management
• Engineering consultancy for the development of pipelines and material transmission
• Increase of exploitation and productivity of capital asset
• Consultancy and planning for the development of oil fields
• Failure and material analysis
• Testing Services